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Disaster recovery plan

NBN ISO 22301:2014 - Societal security - Business Continuity Management

For who and why ?

This study warns company about problems that might arise. These problems might prevent the company from continuing its main activity over a long period (weeks, months, years).

The purpose of this study is to create redundancy in existing systems and prevent any shutdown of activity due to a special event (fire, sabotage, natural disaster, ...)

What is the disaster recovery plan about ?

The disaster recovery plan (DRP) consists in a process of several stages :

  • 1. Process analysis
    Study of the existing situation
    Determination of critical situations (vital circuits and vital elements)
  • 2. Study of problems already encountered
    Meeting with the head of each department
    Analysis of the solutions used by the competition
  • 3. Study of the infrastructure of the sites
    Understanding of the existing organization chart
    Determination of operation in case of exceptional situation
  • 4. Crisis scenarios
    Reflection about the different event that could occur (blackout, destruction, evacuation, ...)
    Writing a reflex sheet for each scenario
  • 5. Prediction of redundancy / prevention systems
    Study of the means to put in place to respond positively to each of the scenarios

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