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Our high temperature solutions

Do you wish to protect your valuables, computer data or works of art ?

Our company has developed unique products to protect your valuables against fire, water and impact damages.

FireTrust crates

Our FireTrust crates, for works of art and our special fire resistant crates for all other valuables are specifically:

fire resistance

Fire resistant


Controlled hygrometry

Shock resistant

Shock resistant




Small temperature variations

art works fire protection
computer date fire protection crate

Protection of your computer data

We design crates destined to protect all types of heath sensible objects / materials, such as electronic devices or photographic films.

We have developed crates protecting electronic devices that have to stay functional during a raging fire. These crates are equipped with cooling pipes that refrigerate the equipment during normal use.

Discover this product developed with Axxana here : The Phoenix System (c)

fire resistance

Fire resistant

Shock resistant

Shock resistant


Small temperature variations

Wired connectivity

Wired connectivity

Fireproof blankets of large sizes to extinguish fires

Since 2004, Goldfire has been developing products for fire protection.

Our fireproof blankets prevent fire spreading. Indeed, once in place, the fire gradually suffocates and does not damage the rest of its environment.

They are suitable for :

parking icon


industrial hall icon

Industrial Halls

Fire trucks icon

Fire trucks

Construction site icon

Construction site

extinguishment fireproof blanket
protection fireproof blanket

Fireproof blankets of large sizes to protect objects against fires

Today, despite technological advances, the risk of fire is always present.

Our protection fireproof blankets are designed to insulate large objects from their external environment.

They are suitable for :

Electrical cars icon

Electrical cars

Classic cars icon

Classic cars

Antique furniture icon

Antique furnitures

Industrial machinery icon

Industrial machinery

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